Home Speakers

The spirit of high-fidelity

Our collection of loudspeakers offers excellent listening quality, in both stereo and Home Cinema, through solutions of outstanding design. Performance, elegance and character define our lines, renewing listening and sound emotions in the home.

Utopia III Evo

Among the world's finest loudspeakers, the Utopia models embody Focal excellence. They are our most accomplished concept, combining patented innovations, unrivalled performance and a style that turns every room into an acoustic sculpture.


Sopra loudspeakers excel in all sound registers, thanks to Focal innovations, and all at controlled volumes. The purity of the design delights both the eye and the ear. Every aesthetic detail serves the acoustics, as voices and bass sounds unfold in space.


With their linen cone and unconventional design, Kanta loudspeakers are full of personality. Matte front finish, colored lacquered side panels, hi-fi sound: they give your music and your interiors a new style.

Aria Evo X

Aria was the world's first loudspeaker line to feature linen-membrane drivers. Ten years on, Aria Evo X continues the legend, for expressive listening that brings incredible intelligibility and relief to voices.


The Vestia line reveals the purity of Focal sound through five products made in France and featuring technologies developed by our engineers. These loudspeakers for the home are one step closer to the purity of Hi-Fi.


The Theva loudspeakers are our gateway to the world of high-fidelity. They benefit from Focal's expertise in delivering quality sound and remarkable sonic sensations, with a model offering Dolby Atmos effects.


Perfect complements to a quality audio system, Focal subwoofers promise an ever more immersive sound experience, where every note and every pulse offers unrivalled depth for an intense experience of music, films or video games.



Astral 16 lets you get the most out of your hi-fi loudspeakers, thanks to its 16 channels (12 of which are self-powered) and multiple functions. Made in France, this versatile, top-of-the-range electronics system offers a sensational sound experience at home.


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