special operation Extended warranty

For high-fidelity loudspeakers and headphones:

Focal offers you an extended warranty on high-end loudspeakers from the "Collection Classique" range and on high-end headphones (1).

This warranty extension is valid on speakers from the following lines (2): Utopia III Evo, Sopra (except SW 1000 BE amplified cabinet), Kanta, Electra 1000 Be 2 (except Electra SW 1000 BE amplified cabinet), Aria Evo X, Aria 900, Aria K2, Vestia, Theva, Chorus 700, Chora, subject to conditions (3).

Register your products online and receive your 3-year warranty extension by email.

This offer is valid up to 3 months after your purchase.

Attention: please keep your invoice. You will need it to confirm your purchase and claim your warranty and its extension. This extension will not be validated if the purchase price indicated at the time of registration differs from that on the invoice.

List of discontinued products concerned :

Utopia III: the entire range

Chorus 800 V: the entire range except the Chorus SW 800 V self-powered subwoofer

Chorus 800 V W: the entire range except the Chorus SW 800 V W self-powered subwoofer.

Chorus 700 V: full range except Chorus SW 700 V self-powered cabinet

Custom 100: entire range

List of special products concerned:

Special lines Chorus 8, Chorus 8 V, Chorus 8 VW, Chorus 8 W

This offer is not valid for the following products: Electra SW 1000 Be, Chorus SW 800 V, Chorus SW 800 V W, Chorus SW 700, Chorus SW 700 V, Sub 500 P HP, Sub 300 P, Sub 1000 F

(1) This offer is valid only for products purchased from one of our dealers located in France and in United-Kingdom.

(2) This offer is only valid on passive loudspeakers without electronics.

(3) Special conditions of application of the extended warranty

In certain cases, you may benefit from a warranty extension, which in no way alters the conditions of application of the warranty. To benefit from this extended warranty, you must comply with the following special conditions:

  • The model of the product purchased must be identified as being part of this extended warranty commercial operation organized by FOCAL-JMlab (list of products concerned above);
  • The product reference and serial number must be exactly the same as those shown on the labels on the product packaging;
  • The warranty and its extension can only be applied via the retailer through whom the purchase was made;
  • The product must have been purchased from an official Focal dealer, located in mainland France or UK and identified on the Focal website.
  • The information provided at the time of registration (purchase price, date of purchase, place of purchase, product reference and product serial number) must strictly conform to that shown on the purchase invoice.


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