FOCAL Innovation

Innovation at the heart of our DNA

Jacques Mahul, founder of Focal in 1979, has always been committed to faithfully reproducing music as the artist imagined it. That's why we've always pushed research into loudspeakers, materials and processes to improve sound reproduction. Acoustic quality is our vocation, and hi-fi loudspeakers the heart of our business, from musical creation with the Professional collection, to sound reproduction with our Home and Motorities collections.

State-of-the-art equipment

Our acoustic engineers carry out all product design, development and engineering. Cutting-edge technology requires cutting-edge equipment: the latest CAD software, an automotive laboratory, dedicated machines and production lines.

At Focal, one commitment is particularly dear to our hearts: every loudspeaker leaving our French workshops is carefully tested by computer and by ear. How else can you be sure of reliability and rendering quality?

Focal Design

Focal has been a pioneer in the world of acoustics and has been responsible for many groundbreaking events. The Utopia collections are a testament to their excellence and represent the ultimate in acoustics. The first Grande Utopia loudspeaker, introduced in 1995, created a sensation and set new standards in research, innovation, technical expertise, and performance.

Since then, a whole generation of Utopia products has been released: Utopia headphones, Utopia-integrated loudspeakers and the Utopia M car kit.

Loudspeakers: The Science Behind Them

This quest for perfection has given rise to loudspeakers and technologies, some of which have become world references. These include the Beryllium tweeter, the Flax sandwich cone in flax fibre, the K2 cone in aramid fibre, the "M" profile and the Slatefiber cone in recycled carbon, among many others: all exclusive innovations. We cultivate the rigor, inventiveness and precision that lead us to excellence.

Unique technological heritage

Focal is constantly investing in research. Year after year, our knowledge of loudspeakers and sound progresses. Each new generation of products incorporates previously acquired improvements and innovations. Our collections are enriched and strengthen our technological heritage, which is unique in the world and includes numerous patents.

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