ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6

DriveSpace 6 doubles your disk with a single click!

ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6 uses safe, proven NTFS/WIM compression to increase your disk capacity.
Using NTFS/WIM compression means your disk can be compressed while Windows and your apps are
online, without having to reboot or suffer any downtime - even if it is your boot disk! ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6 runs on all Windows versions, and on all types of disks - making it the most versatile full disk compression tool. Perfect for virtual or private servers,
ZIPmagic DriveSpace 6 supports new Windows 10 compression technology to literally double your disk with a single click.

  • Multi-Threaded CompressionCompress 8 to 32 times faster than Windows on SSD hardware
  • Compress All Files and FoldersCompress a much larger portion of your disk than Windows
  • Compress Files Larger than 4 GBCompress files using NTFS/LZNT1 when WIM/XPRESS-LZX cannot compress
  • Skip Files Larger than 32 GBSkip compressing files that cannot be safely updated after compression
  • Maximum Resource UtilizationAutomatically adjust number of CPU cores used for most efficient throughput
  • Downgrade CompressionConvert to lesser compression types without first decompressing entire disk
  • Define File Type ExclusionsSkip compressing file types that are unsafe to compress, such as SQL Server
  • One-Click Optimal OperationAutomatic settings for all types of CPUs, disks, and compression
  • Skip Compressing WIMBoot FilesInteroperate with DoubleSpace to maximize space
  • BenchmarkingLive disk throughput display in MB/sec for SSD benchmarking




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